Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I was tagged recently by Cristina, very lamely mind you (she tagged anyone who even reads her blog, let alone the others named) on my daily blog reading.

The name of the game- I have to discuss 5 things that people don't know about me. Then I get to tag 5 other people and make them do the same.

1) I dated Minnie Mouse (she played the character at DisneyLand) a couple of dates worth

2) I was a professional athlete (We played club Ultimate Frisbee in college and did well enough in a couple of tournaments to get paid)

3) While I have never successfully surfed on water I have done quite well sand surfing (Thanks to the Boy Scouts and the Presbyterian Church for the trips to the Eureka Sand Dunes)

4) I have chameleon eyes. For soem reason the shade of blue/green I have changes depending on my mood, sleep, activity and health. I know this is common for folks to have color changes in their eyes, but the range doesn't seem to be as large as mine.

5) I have a great love for movies, but can't quote lines like all the other folks I know who have seen and appreciated as many movies as I have.

Now it's time to tag some folks. I am not sure if it's worth tagging, but hey why not.




Kansas Bob

The von Hermanns


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