Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why we aren't...

going to do it by heart, anyway.

Seth Godin shares about doing it by heart.

Our worship at St. Andrew UMC in Santa Maria is going to not do it by heart in 2010, and maybe a little longer.

Today during worship we talked about the practices of the pharisees that were held on to a little too closely, such that they lost sight of the important part of relationships, and learning anew.

Today we took notes during a little congregational sharing about what they knew well and what they wanted to learn more about in scripture. It means we won't be doing it by heart, we won't be playing along with the Revised Common Lectionary Readings for 2010 and into the future.

We did not cover much ground that would be topical, but more related to stories we wanted to learn more about, live better and understand more clearly.

My work is cut out for me as I seek to understand and learn well enough to teach.

Thanks for the blessings folks!

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