Monday, August 03, 2009

Getting to Know Santa Maria, St. Andrew

In an effort to get to know the congregation, offer some reciprocal hospitality, get to know the community, and find out more about St. Andrew UMC, David Camphouse, our new pastor is setting up meetings with you.

David has hopes to get out and meet all of the congregation this year. He is going to need your help in meeting everyone. He is trying to schedule meetings with people in their homes, or about town with the desire to learn more about this congregation, and the setting we share in ministry. If you have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, park or hang out, David would love to meet you there to sit down and talk. If you are available in your home to set up such a converssation that would be outstanding. But, the most important piece is to meet with one another during this year

Whether you are a member, someone who is considering being a member, friend, or former member, who still receives the Voice as a way of keeping in touch, know that this invitation is for you.

To set up your meeting, you may reach Alesia, in the church office (805) 937-2470, or by email saumc(dot)sm(at)gmail(dot)com; or you may contact David Camphouse directly by email: david(dot)camphouse(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you for your responsiveness in helping our new pastor, David Camphouse get to know you and the community better.

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