Friday, July 24, 2009

More Tech Contemplations

I was talking web stuff the other day with our webmaster.

She expressed some concern when I shared that I was willing to post my sermons on the net in audio files for download. I also am contemplating doing video of the sermons and posting those (especially for Rick since he has not seen the "Appliance Dances" that have made their way into several sermons of mine over the years)

What do you think?

I was thinking of it as a dynamic and wonderful way to be challenged and intgrated into the larger demographic. We were struck by a grafitti artist the other week, and I noted to our folks who were outraged that this effectively "changed" our signs 2 times in short order, following that up with the reminder that people tend to ignore signs after two weeks, and that it takes 17 times for something to be noticed these days (thanks to multimedia).

I am reminded of Maxie Dunham and the issues surrounding his video and subsequent mash-up prior to Annual Conferences regarding the Constitutional Amendments for the UMC. What made that dialogue so interesting to me, was not that there was a mash-up of a YouTube video, but that Maxie and his representatives got bent out of shape about it. This is where if and when someone does change my stuff around it is a point of entry for dialogue. I have found this to be true on this blog and expect it to be true in life as well. The real challenge (and I admit I have fallen prey) is not to get "baited in", but to carry on meaningful discourse when the whole thing goes WONKY.

Just my thought. Care to share yours?

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