Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tech Updates

St. Andrew UMC has a number of things going well.

We are positioning for some updates: to our sanctuary Audio/Visuals and our website.
What do you see as needs for a congregation in addressing these needs. What are the best examples you have seen lately?

We are making headway in providing an open campus. We are repairing relationships with our members and our community at large. I am sure there are many more to be addressed, but we are started.

We have some basic comforts in place, and are doing what we can with the technology we have.

We have a fairly modern sanctuary lay-out. We are partially in the round, with a dais, chancel, and a cry room, with some space above the narthex for projection and speakers inset.

We have old cans in the eaves, though most are not active, they have been replaced with front speakers, hung from overhead.

We do have two flat screen tvs in front of the congregation, but nothing behind for the worship leaders to follow.

We will improve.

We also have some streamlining to do with our website. It seems we have at least two, and there was a third registered in our name that has now lapsed, but publicity is still out there with that website domain. We need to get a firm grasp of what a website does, and how it helps the people of the congregation and is a portal of entry for those who are not currently involved. Your ideas are welcome.




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