Monday, July 20, 2009

Picks and Pans

There was a column in the paper I used to read years ago, and if I remember correctly the paper was local to California, and therefore Gold Country. In it was the title "Picks and Pans". In reality rather than talking about the accoutrement of gold mining, the recent pros and cons of the area were listed.

I have long struggled with doing blogs about places I have been and doing a "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down" segment (a la the "Ojai Valley News"), or giving more thorough reviews, I want to figure out how to highlight the pluses, make note of the negatives, and be of benefit to the community at large.

As such, I have at times in this blog offered things that were very much to my liking, or building lessons associated with the church, or personal life from the negative thoughts or comments I would normally make. I have decided to go ahead with such things more freely. I will do my best not to "slam" a location, or restaurant, place or experience, but I will add some critique.

I am doing this as a part of sharing my experiences in the community as I learn and explore and discover new points of intersection, learnings I make, hopes I encounter, and needs I discern - all of these for me, my family, the church (both capital and lower case C), and the people of Santa Maria.




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