Thursday, July 02, 2009

An Act of Kindness

During my freshman year at Emory University I lived in the dorms at Thomas Hall. Like many dorms they had a bank of washers and dryers for the students. I was like many other students, at least after the first few weeks of classes when we adjusted a little more and trusted our classmates not to steal our clothes if we left unattended for any period of time in the laundry. I left my clothes in the dryer to run to class and dry while I was away. That night I came back from class, well after my clothes would have finished in the dryer. I fully expected that like on several other occasions the clothes would be plucked from the dryer and just thrown on the sorting tables in a rumpled mess. But, this night was different, I came in to find my clothes all sorted and folded (underwear too). I was amazed and floored. This was such a simple guesture but it brought me to tears in thankfulness for the kindness shown to me.

This week as I have been waiting on plumbing to get done so that I could get my laundry washed and dryed I thought of this story. I used the memory to prompt my reflection on those who have shown little kindnesses to me in my moving and settling into a new appointment. This morning it all came flooding back as I stepped into my office to find the 20 boxes of books that had been in the hall placed nicely stacked in my office. They weren't unboxed, since I was toting the baby this morning it made a world of difference, and was a little kindness shown along the way. I sent a silent thank-you to the person(s) who did this.

I also thought of the many people who helped us get moved and settled. The several folks at Ojai UMC who helped us pack, and get things moved to Santa Maria; the amazing folks who came and washed walls, and tore down popcorn ceilings; my brother-in-law to-be who did such great work doing handyman repairs in prep for our move; the many professionals who did their jobs with class and a fantastic attitude; our real estate agent and mortgage broker who have been helpful and encouraging in this process. There are just so many to name.

I think it is time to start thinking of how I can help encourage more of this behavior, and how I can contribute to the proliferation of adding kindnesses to our society.



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