Saturday, May 30, 2009

Visited Tag A Long Motorsports

Yesterday morning I got ambitious and took a long walk through Ojai, winding up on Bryant Circle at a Garage Sale. As I was exiting the Garage Sale, during my whole walk back up Bryant Circle I saw a string of motorcycles of all varieties. 
There must have been two hundred motorcycles that passed the Bug and I as we took our walk. I swore I was back at Daytona Bike Week (which I was at in the Spring of 1993-for Florida Evangelism Project with Intervarsity at Emory University). There were a lot of bikes.

So as I approached Ojai Avenue I came across some unsuspecting bikers who had stopped, and were even directing traffic down the way. I had to ask what they were all gathering to see. (Now, those of you that know me, understand that I would not chase such a party to see the action as it happens, but inquire so that I might find out later. I am not a big fan of big crowds).

This afternoon I got a little restless again after the Bug and I had naps, and so I decided to find out what was down that way. It turns out Tag A Long Motorsports was offering a display of Motorcycles. Tag A Long Motorsports is the dream child of Wonder Bread heir Mike Taggart, who did an amazing job of displaying the collection of Motorbikes, including several racing varieties, and to my amazement a Vespa style scooter (in 60s styling), and a Honda Scooter.

If you get a chance, and especially if you love Motorbikes, go check it out. Mike loves to share and admire. As such it was very hard for me to grab his ear for anything than a moment to say thank you for sharing, as he was well entrenched with some late-to-the-party bikers.



At May 31, 2009, Blogger John said...

Looks like fun!

Was that a Norton on the left of the first picture?

At May 31, 2009, Blogger David said...

The second picture with the star-wheel of motorbikes is all Nortons. The top picture I am not sure which that yellow one was...though I think it was a Kawasaki.


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