Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lectionary Study Group

I had the distinct privilege of spending quality time with colleagues last week for our Lectionary Study Group.

This is a group of abput 6-8 people who gather every two months, cover the next two months of Lectionary Readings, and worship preparations. I have been blessed with their companionship for about 5 years now.

Each time I go, I have a chance to think out loud through the themes and questions that rise in my head preparing worship for each Sunday. I don't often realize just how valuable this experience is until I miss it. I have not been to one in about a year prior to our last gathering. It hurts. I lose concentration; the ideas for sermons do not come as easily; I miss our discussions of how to present different ideas. 

I do my best to prepare for each week by getting together notes, sermon helps, sermons I have found instructional, worship aids, and honing that into the usable bits for my secretary to publish in the bulletin, and keep my own thoughts together over the years. I have taken to sharing these with the Lectionary Group, and they in turn have added their notes to mine. 

It is quite the symbiosis at this time. 

I took the time to blog it because I think it is invaluable for pastors to have a worship preparation group to gather with, and prepare. If you are in the LA area and want a lectionary group to gather around the table, please drop a line. If you are a lay person, take an interest in finding out what your pastor does to prepare and get ideas for worship. Suggest a Lectionary Study Group to your pastor if he/she does not already have such a gathering.




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