Saturday, May 30, 2009

Leading the Church

I Refuse to Lead a Dying Church, by Paul Dixon was recently on my reading list. I perused the book and found several key items. 

I was reminded of them yesterday when I read a quote by Adam Hamilton, from his Annual Conference. "I'm really not interested in serving an organization whose best years are behind it."

I concur. I too am refusing to lead a dying church. I will however continue to serve a church who is looking to build into the future. This takes me back to my basic Vision Statement for Ministry.

"Extending Ministry" is my personal Vision, and this means doing some strategic planning with the local church, the District, and even with the Conference, and into the world. God is continually renewing the world around us, and creating new opportunities for us as a church, and as individuals to declare the Gospel.




At May 30, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No good church is a one man show. It certainly is not up to one person as to whether or not the church succeeds or fails."Every member ministers". For lay people in general, with certainly myself included, we need to stir ourselves up. The prophet Isaiah said that "no man stirreth up himself" Isaiah 64:7. Why does no man stir himself up? Because it takes time and effort. If it did not take any time and effort it would be worthless. We need to "stir ourselves up" by doing things for the ministry that we may feel like we should not have to do.

At June 08, 2009, Anonymous David Youngdale said...

I had unintentionally left myself as Anonymous. Been kinda' busy lately. Dave Youngdale.


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