Monday, July 27, 2009


I am just wanting to send a shout-out thank you to our neighbors who provided us tickets to see the Adkins Dance Studio recital. The Bug had a great time dancing and singing along with the girls who were dancing.

I am grateful to the praise team at St. Andrew UMC for their amazing sense of worship leadership.
Second service is ever-so-blessed with the musical talents of Bill Woods. Fantastic!

I am thrilled with the turn-out of volunteers to help with VBS. Thank you. Now for the extra church volunteers to get cracking on delivering invitations to their neighbors.

A big thank you to my parents and mother-in-law for coming to celebrate with us for the Bug's birthday.

I am greatly appreciative of the Doyles for their help in getting boxes recycled, furniture moved, and the wonderful shared tools I was able to make use of for getting the house ready to move in.

Blessings back to you,



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