Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I have talked about the visioning process, and I have talked about Seth Godin's little book The Dip.

Right now I am looking at the stages of change as I have noticed them.

1) Being able to talk about change
2) Discovering the change that needs to be made
3) Accepting the change needed
4) Making the change
5) Change effected

This then cycles through the system again and again. I am grateful to my predecessor for setting the stage at Ojai UMC that the people here can talk about change. The visioning process then guides us into the discovery stage of change. 

I am excited to see what materializes from our discussions. But it will take persistence to see it through. As such, I am now handing the Spiritual Gift Inventories to the congregation by hand. I am also trying to get in whatever visits I can with members of the congregation I can before Christmas. Time to a get a crack on the small group gatherings.


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