Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Dip

I am a regular reader of more blogs than I really keep track of, and that number has risen quite quickly with the number of folks who have started blogging for General Conference.

I was turned onto Seth Godin through Gavin Richardson who had referred me to Sam Davidson

I given insight into Seth's book, The Dip, which I have found to be very helpful in determining my plans and their viability.

But Seth put out a plea today in his blog that I share this book. I think I have already loaned it out to about 4 people, but would be glad to loan it out until the binding gives out, and the pages are unreadable. Yes, I think it is that good. It is a short read and anybody with about 10 minutes to an hour (depending on your reading speed) should be able to crank through it and extract the salient points.

If you want to borrow it, and you are in the area, just pop in and let me know. I will be happy to share, as long as it isn't already in another's hands...then you get to practice patience, or find a copy of your own.


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