Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm here...Kinda

Apologies to those who look here for something every once in a while.

I have been out of town with a funeral for my wife's family in Alabama.

I came back and got back on a plane within 18 hours to fly back to Nashville for a meeting with CEF/PFC design team.

While I was there, my editor put my feet to the fire on a project I was way behind on, and so I returned to hustle out some writing. I also had church stuff and preaching to prepare.

Design Team responsibilities have also gotten into my time as I try to sort out the workshops for the database so that people can effectively sign up.

I have family (both sets of in-laws) are descending on the house this weekend, one set for one night, and another for the week ahead.

My wife is in a play and they have been having late night rehearsals, and opening night is tonight.

Busy, crazy, fun. More blogging to follow, as I recover from this whirlwind.



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