Monday, December 01, 2008

World AIDS Day

I did my part today and went to Starbucks. Okay, I admit it was the cheap way out, but they got me to try a new drink just because I could donate 5 pennies to World AIDS day. Doesn't seem like much until you consider how many cups of coffee Starbucks gives out a day, and what else they are doing to help.

So I went ahead and gave to UMCOR, and the World AIDS project there.

For many people in my generation AIDS was a by-word until Pedro came along on MTV's "The Real World" and put a face to a disease many of had never witnessed before, just heard rumor and innuendo about.

But, the person who made an impact on me was my next door neighbor during my time in Santa Barbara First United Methodist Church. Catherine Birtalan came to be an outstanding speaker and presenter on HIV and AIDS while being a member at FUMCSB. I am grateful for her witness, her struggles and her friendship. Without her I would not have learned compassion in the same way, nor found out about the wonderful resource that is Strength for the Journey Camps.

Thank you to each of these for reminding me to look beyond myself and care for others in new and special ways.


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