Friday, February 01, 2008

No on CA Prop 94, 95, 96, 97

CA legislature and the Governor have made a deal with four Indian Gaming Facilities. The benefit to the state budget it nearly $10bn over the next several years. Beside the Social Principles and the stand of the UMC against gaming of any sort, I have been riding the fence, but known that I would probably vote against these agreements.

Then, I found this helpful information from another blogger about slot machines. She is fighting them in Maryland, but the post is well worth reading, and the statistics, while inflammatory - and intentionally so, provide some helpful talking and thinking points. Be wary of cause and effect reasoning, as it seems a couple of the statistics tend to put the effect before the cause, and mute the argument. On the whole, I found Amy's post helpful and decisive (at least it helped decide me).


PS. From the LA Times this morning, even more bad news about how unfairly the distribution of up to $9bn - OVER 23 YEARS - adds to the coffers of the state. This doesn't look like a good deal for the state. Come to think of it the tribes looking at increasing their slots seem to think so too, since the commercials are diversionary tactics, meant to turn you against the opponents of the agreements, to vote for the agreements, rather than providing helpful facts.


At February 01, 2008, Blogger O Pechanga said...

Come take a look at my blog for PLENTY of reasons to VOTE NO on Props 94-97

At February 04, 2008, Anonymous Vicki said...

Kentucky, my home state, is looking into allowing casinos to open as a means of attracting tourism and "building up the state's coffers." I remember many years ago when we voted on allowing the state lottery (it passed). That didn't create the ruckus that this is creating right now. I appreciate the link to Amy's just reinforces my feelings (and my fears) about this whole thing.

Thanks, David, for your kind remarks over at my place. I sometimes feel that I'm drowning in the stuff. I can't take it with me later, so why hang onto it all now? ;)


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