Thursday, January 24, 2008

Young Adults on the Rise

The latest news out of the Cal-Pac Conference office is the announcements of two new District Superintendents, for Long Beach and Los Angeles Districts.
Grant Hagiya and Lily Vilamin have both left the cabinet. Grant was the Dean of the Cabinet, and with his departure the man with the tenure to hold the position is the Riverside District Superintendent John Valles.
I share this information so that you might be aware of the dramatic changes made in our Conference Cabinet.
Kathey Michelle Wilborn has been announced as the new DS for the Long Beach District. She comes from the Board of Ordained Ministry, where she was serving in an administrative capacity. Additionally Kathey is a ordination classmate of mine, and I am thrilled to have her leadership in the cabinet.
Cedric Bridgeforth has been named the DS for the LA District. Cedric is also from my ordination class, and comes to the cabinet after serving on the Board of Congregational Development. Cedric has demonstrated an ability to energize congregations and pastors and will be an asset of great measure to the cabinet.
Bringing the adage that the cabinet is Old White Guys to task, Cal-Pac has now stacked the deck in a new order, with several clergy under 50, 1 under 40, several non-white and non-male members.
Way to go Bishop Swenson! May the future be guided by the grace of God, the wisdom of the ages, and capable leaders.


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