Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have spoken with several folks recently, who when a loved one passed away they came into a goodly size sum of money.

I have also worked with several churches who have had the same blessing shared with them.

I posit for your consideration:

You just received $500,000, how would you use it?

Your church just received $500,000 how would they use it?

For those who would have the fortune of being able to speak from experience, I would like to ask you to imagine what would happen right now - not what was, as that experience has certainly shaped how actions might change or be affected at this moment.


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At September 23, 2011, Blogger johnsue said...

I have fanticized at times about winning the lottery -- I used to "play" only when it got to a worthwhile amount -- $40M or more. And then I thought that God would not "let" me win until I was truly able to give it all away. But inasmuch as we are only considering $500,000, then I would use some of it to pay bills and some for the church.

At September 26, 2011, Anonymous David Youngdale said...

Some fellow employees would chide me about being able to retire after winning the lottery.
Funny thing is, I will never win the lottery, because I have never played the lottery, nor will play it. I mean never.

And this is not to condemn those who have. I understand the attraction of it.
If by some miracle I came into a large sum like half a million, I would buy a new roof for Ojai Methodist Church. Add some on top of that for church improvements or where most needed. I would buy a new mobile home and retire from my job earlier than anticipated.
Take some trips to Hawaii and Eastern Sierra. Also give a good donation to Teen Challenge.
Woops! It's gone already!

David Youngdale


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