Thursday, September 01, 2011

Visitation Thoughts

Pastor’s Corner, September 2011

I feel as though we have only just begun. We started this journey of faith together two short years ago, and much has happened, in the life of the church, in your lives and in mine. So, I feel like, even for those that I have had a chance to visit with over a meal, coffee, in your homes, or workplace, or even here at the church in my office, I need to sit down and check in with you again.

I hope that during the Fall we can find time to do exactly that. I am, once again, asking for your help. Please call the church office (805)937-2470, or my phone (805)421-3521, or even send me an email david (dot) camphouse (at) gmail (dot) com to set up a visit. I will be working on checking in with those who do not call ahead to set up an appointment, but I would encourage you to go ahead and set something up according to your schedule early on, so that in trying to get to everyone, and dealing with the regular concerns of the church administration, weekly preaching, and emerging issues, like hospital visits, and funerals, that we can be sure to connect.

One of the joys of meeting with the people of St. Andrew during the Summer and Fall of 2009 when I arrived was that several people got together with friends and family to host a meal, or to come by the church as we talked. I was so blessed because I have often discovered that our memories are enhanced as we share tales with one another, spurring stories from other people who are gathered there too. The tapestry of lives is then put together in a different way than if I were just to hear from one person at a time.

Some of you may be wondering if I have an agenda with these meetings. My purpose in these meetings is to come with a very simple agenda, to hear your story, how your life has been intermingled with the life of St. Andrew UMC, and to listen to you as you help me get to know you more clearly. If you have agenda items you want to discuss when we visit, those are perfectly acceptable to me, whether they are church business items, life changes, or questions for me about me and my life. I am open to all of these, and just a time to visit.

Thank you for helping me get these visits scheduled, and understanding as Alesia and I call to set up these appointments so I can get to know you, Santa Maria St. Andrew UMC, and the Santa Maria Valley.

David Camphouse


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