Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Purpose Statements

I have now gone through the Mission and Visioning process with a couple of churches, helping to formulate what our mission and vision are.

I realize now, that the next phase of that seems to be a purpose statement.
I am aware that many folks regularly get these confused and depending on the context they are sometimes interchanged.

For my current setting I am thinking of it this way.

A Vision is what we want to be;
A Mission is how we do that;
A Purpose is why we do it (for what reason).

Now back to your regular musings...


At July 12, 2011, Blogger David said...

Some of the additional items to highlight would be some of the practices that help this body stand up - like "Be Friendly to all who enter", "Pray", "Proclaim Jesus as instigator fostered by participation in the local church", and "Giving".
Nothing earth-shattering in that, except that it echoes much of what Bishop Schnase had to offer in Five Faithful Practices

At August 16, 2011, Anonymous David Youngdale said...

David our vision statement at Ojai Methodist remains as is when we came up with it that evening some two and a half years ago. There have been thoughts and things said about it being changed, but that never happened. I thought it was good at the time and still think so. Thanks and God bless,

David Youngdale


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