Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One of Two

As we reflect upon the type of church we are and the type of church we want to become there are many aspects to look at. I am grateful for the regular words of Mark O. Wilson, and often give him a shout out by way of "ht:"

Today is no different. Mark pulls from another post by Gary Lamb about the two types of church.
Those who are consumed with doing church in a cool way
Those who are consumed with doing church that reaches lost people

They both end up doing similar things -- but with a different motive.

I'd like to adjust it a just little bit and say, there are two types of churches in general:
Those consumed with DOING church
Those consumed with BEING the church

Claiming who we want to be is the claim of our Vision. Again Mark and Gary point to the Mission statement side of Vision - how we want to do that.

Are we going to DO church or BE church.

It is interesting to me that this carries over into the Vision and Mission Statement building process by asking the question of whether we are going to get caught in the present moment or the future achievement. The truth is that we must practice both - DO and BE, Present and Future, Internal and External, Worship and Program as well as Evangelism.



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