Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Being a Shepherd

I have posted before about the message of Psalm 23, and the message of the Good Shepherd.

I was told a comment about just such things, and I think it appropos to ministry. "I wanted to follow the Shepherd and wound up feeding sheep."

I think of Peter and his interaction with Jesus at the end of the Gospel of John. Peter wanted to follow Jesus. He just wanted to be a good disciple. He had been told he would be the rock upon which the church would be founded. He had denied Jesus 3 times during his trials. Peter didn't want to lead sheep, he just wanted to follow the shepherd.

Bishop Will Willimon said the other day at Founders Day that we had given power to language to transform our vocation from preaching to pastor. We wilfully gave up the role of Disciple for the role of Shepherd. So now, I have to wonder what the role of Preacher would entail versus the role of Pastor. I don't have the answers, but I hope you might have some insights, my reader.



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