Sunday, December 07, 2008


So I talked some about Vision the other day, and today I ran across a helpful article posted by Beth Quick, from Lovett Weems.

This one has to do with Mission. 
What is our mission? For what purpose has God raised up the UMC, or a particular UMC? Mission statements are to often in 'be' language instead of 'do' language. The mission is everything. Everything a church does should answer the "so that" question. We do this _________ SO THAT _________ (mission is fulfilled.) We have a bulletin so that ________. We have a choir, ushers, so that ___________. We worship so that _____________.

Vision and Mission often go hand in hand, but they are ultimately meaningless if:

1) They are set up without consulting the derivative community

2) They do not address the intersecting community

3) the people do not act according to the statements.

4) and in the Church, they do not aim to the Beloved Community



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