Friday, December 12, 2008

Core Values

One aspect of determining a Vision and a Mission for an organization or an individual is to discover the Core Values.

My Core Values seem to be:
1) Questions
2) Space
3) Noise
4) Reflection
5) Exploration

They determine how I interact with people, places and things.

I have been listening to the people of Ojai UMC and I have come to discern a few of the Core Values for the people of the church.

1) Music
2) Caring for one another
3) Explication of the BibleĀ 
(some have called this Biblical Preaching; I would differentiate it from story preaching as trying to explain the stories of the Bible, rather than retell the stories of the Bible in another format)

As we delve into our Visioning process more deeply, this will come back to the fore when we bubble up our thoughts about what we want to be, and how to interact with the community.



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