Monday, December 22, 2008

Meeting People Where They Are

I have been following (loosely) the commentary John Smulo has had on the MissionGathering Billboard (seen here)

I am intrigued by the very basic principle that emerges. "Meet people where they are"

I am ever so grateful that God does this for us. I am trying to do it more and more in my own life. And I will be offering a challenge to my congregation to do the self-same thing.

"Meet people where they are." The real crux of this is to realize that it is not my job to change them once I meet them there, but simply to give them the opportunity to hear God afresh and let God do the work, whatever my perspective. Ultimately, I am opened to the nudge of God by meeting others where they are, as I am forced to let go of my own notions of how someone else should be.


At December 22, 2008, Anonymous John Smulo said...

Good to meet a fellow Californian blogger.

Thank you for mentioning my posts on this. I'm glad you've gotten something out of them.


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