Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Of late I have been struggling with what I want to be doing with my blog. What I want to make it into, and what is really important to me in how and what I share about my life.

I have contemplated something along the lines of twitter, where I post different places I've been adding in reviews, and comments about the people I have met along the way. This type of set-up is similar to some friends of mine back in Tuscaloosa who have established a web site to say "well that's cool"

Food and movie reviews, with places I've been. I like it.

With a little one on the way, I am mindful of those friends and family who have blogs to share the life of the family, and help keep us up to date on what is happening, sometimes clear across the family.

Pretty good stuff there too.

I also love to engage in theological debate and that has been a real plus for me in the stretch of blogging to date, and to lose that seems like it would be an unfortunate loss for this blog and for me.

More Theology it is.

Maybe the real truth is just to keep it eclectic and moving along. I like the life updates. I want to blog a little more and be regular. I also take to heart the truth of folks who have been saying to maintain an audience it takes regular posting.

Then there is the original purpose I had when starting my blog. I wanted to have a place to journal openly as I took my journey through life, to express my thoughts, my confusions and be in community. That is the crux of it, just that my thoughts seem to have gotten broader.



At May 06, 2008, Blogger DogBlogger said...

I'm struggling with what to do, too, because of the death of my "voice." I'm still considering a number of options, but I'm almost sure I'll let that blog stand as-is and develop something else in a new location.

You, though -- you keep on keepin' on, okay?

At May 29, 2008, Blogger greg. said...

hey man, not that you need to hear this from me, but just write what you need to write. update us on your family - yes. wrestle with theological issues - yes. point out the awesoomeness of life - yes. and whatever else you need to say, too.


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