Tuesday, February 26, 2008

March Cadence

Dear Del Rosa Family,

There is an old adage that reflects our current state of being here. The saying goes something like this, "work it out on the outside, until it becomes a reality on the inside". We are making changes on the outside and change is being reflected on the inside.

Jesus Christ reminds us that we are made new in the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul says we are new creatures in Jesus Christ. In all of this I think we understand that we are made anew. So what does that mean? Is it anything like being born again? We aren't going to have go back and redo everything, or strip ourselves down to nothing only to be rebuilt bigger and better. We are being born by water and the Spirit, transformed into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

In fact, we are being born again. Our sanctuary has been undergoing a steady transformation since I arrived, with new sound systems, and a few facelifts to longtime centerpieces, as well as some new decorations for our viewing, and contemplation. We have some outstanding new faces in the congregation, and some longtime faces that are undergoing substantial transitions in their lives. Change is all around, and we are being reborn in the image of Christ.

I am mindful of the recovery of this church and the Del Rosa community in light of the fires that so devastated the area just before I arrived. New homes are being built, new families taking residence in our midst, the vegetation is beginning to really look like days gone by, and we have even survived a few skirmishes with little fires in our area since then. The church has echoed this very evolution of the creation around us. We are being made new, as the lush verve for life returns to us inside the church, too.

Being born again means we have opportunity to ride the Holy Spirit as it takes us in powerful directions. Some of those directions have been shared with you by the Trustees, as we have some major changes in our electrical and roofing for our buildings, and as we have an opportunity to become more visible in the community as a place of refuge and sanctuary for persons with disabilities and for several children a day as we partner with "A Special Place", in the shared ministry of daycare with an established organization committed to children. We see new life in children, and we adjust to make safe space for them.

We are seeing the effects of reaching out, of invitation to friends and colleagues to join us in the praise and worship of Jesus Christ, surrounded by a loving and caring church family. Thank you for your extended arms welcoming and fellowshipping with new Christians and Christians who are being reborn for this time in the life of Del Rosa United Methodist Church.


Pastor David


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