Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A Clean Desk

They say a clean desk is a sure sign of a cluttered mind. This one just signifies that it is time to get rid of the desk.

I really appreciated Vicki's post on "Stuff" the other day. I have been in the middle of finding space for the stuff we have around the house, and I managed to get a few things out the door the other day to Del Rosa UMC for the church rummage sale this weekend (sale starts at 8AM on Friday, and continues on Saturday if you are in the area).

I talked a few weeks ago about simplifying and what that means to my sanity over the long haul. Well, just to show I really mean it, here are a few things that went out the door from my house to the church this week.


At February 08, 2008, Anonymous Vicki said... looks as if you're really making progress! I've been making piles (storage, donate, keep, etc.), and now I'm about ready to start moving things out the door! Good job!


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