Monday, January 16, 2006

You've got a friend

Winter Camp theme: "You've got a friend in me."
Scripture: John 15:12-17 (Jesus calls the Disciples friends)
We covered a lot of stuff, about friends...who they are, why we have them, what we should do to keep them, who we should cut.
I have to say that the most moving campfire/morning watch time was this morning.
Mrs. Kelley Hussey shared about a friend who she sometimes treats better than all the others, sometimes she picks on this person harder than any other, she criticizes and breaks down in ways that are only imaginable to us because we are prone to do the same thing. This person is the first person each of us sees in the morning and last one we see before we go to sleep. This friend is each one of us. That was powerful. Friendship begins with us, how we care for ourselves will be reflected in how we treat others, but in reality there is noone who will ever meet us without us being our own friend first.
Thanks Kelley, that was important stuff.


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