Monday, January 23, 2006

Another Day

Sometimes the world just seems to float by and the need to absorb oneself in something like a three-day sleep seems all too enticing.
Today is one such day. Of course it has been coming for several days now, and the days are only going to get longer (literally and figuratively even), not to mention the additional weariness that comes with it all.
I met with the Staff-Parish Relations Committee yesterday and we discussed a number of matters. One thing I failed to notice was the change in the Discipline which required the SPRC to recommend health and life insurance options for all employees and 3% pensions for all employees over the age of 21, employed for 1 year or more and working at least 1040 hours per year. Gotta hand it to the SPRC they recommended 5%. Now off to the Finance Committee with that little ditty.
We also have the Covenant for Vital Ministry that the Conference is currently requiring for all pastors and SPRCs to do, along with a future piece for the local church to do as a measure of vitality/viability and desire to grow. This replaces the old method of self-analysis for review each year.
The challenge is that we needed to make a change in Chairmanship with the resignation of the former chair. We elected from within the committee and have some great hopes for the year ahead.
Reviews still need to be completed for several of the employees for the first time since they were hired, some as long ago as 10 or more years. That is some tough stuff to slog through, but I am impressed time and again with the competency of the committee.



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