Sunday, February 14, 2010

Scout Sunday Supplement

This from Kim, over at Misplaced Midwesterner

Words To Live By

Trustworthy: 75% of Scouts agree that Scouting has taught them to always be honest and to be a leader.

Loyal: 88% of Scouts are proud to live in the USA and 83% say spending time with family is important to them.

Helpful: 8 out of 10 Scouts surveyed believe that helping others should become before their own self-interest.

Friendly: 80% of Scouts say that Scouting has taught them to treat others with respect and 78% to get along with others.

Courteous: Almost 9 of 10 Scouts (87%) believe older people should be treated with respect

Kind: 78% of Scouts say that Scouting has taught them to care for other people.

Obedient: Boys in Scouting five years or more are more likely to reject peer pressure to hang out with young delinquents.

Cheerful: 78% of Scouts are happy with their schools and their neighborhoods.

Thrifty: 82% of Scouts say that saving money for the future is a priority.

Brave: 80% of Scouts say that Scouting has increased their confidence and 51% rate their self-confidence as excellent.

Clean: 79% of Scouts say that Scouting has taught them to have more respect for the environment and their physical fitness.

Reverent: 83% of men who were Scouts for fire or more years say attending religious services as a family is very important.



At February 17, 2010, Blogger John said...

I'm not sure that 'obedience' is a good virtue to teach. At minimum, it requires a lot of specificity in its definition.

At February 17, 2010, Blogger David said...

I agree, and find it very interesting that this is the one place that the "Scouting" stats take a significant diversion and don't deal with actual obedience or hard data.


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