Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Connecting Discipleship

There are two things I have had heavy on my heart of late. Connecting better, and more often; and building Disciples.

I am sure the two are related, and I am still stumped at this early hour about what makes them so interrelated.

I am reminded of the Covenant Discipleship Model

The Top Arm is Works of Mercy
The Bottom Arm is Works of Piety
The Arm to the Left is Inward Works
The Arm to the Right is Outward Works

Now for the internal conversation I need to have about where Websites, Facebook Pages, Blogs and Twitter feeds intersect these Works from Covenant Discipleship. At the end of the day I want to build new Disciples, and Disciples who are deepening their faith.

I see what is there, and for a guy who is prone to seeing the connections, and looking at things sideways, I am struggling with the relationships between these two areas of interest, and still am seeing or comprehending what I need to in order to help others understand.

Suggestions, ideas, or how you see these coming together would be helpful.

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At January 27, 2010, Blogger African Kelli said...

I'd like to know more about how technology and ways of communicating can improve understanding of faith as well.

At January 27, 2010, Blogger David said...

feel free to drop me a line by email, and let's talk, or get you connected with some folks in your area who can help with getting connected in ways that will be useful to you.


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