Saturday, January 09, 2010

Building Presence

This week is a big adventure for me in the online realm.

We have a website for the church, that leaves you in lala land if you try to go to the Home Page from any other page within the site. There has got to be a fix for that.

We are connecting to the Boy Scouts and the Preschool, now. We are already connecting with the Music Academy and our church newsletter.

We are going to be working on making more connections. This week I am endeavoring to put us on Facebook and on Twitter as a Church, and make good sense of those media. I am also going to be working on a weekly online newsletter, through Constant Contact, or some other email format this week, so that we can make better use of the communication tools we have.

So for now, keep your ear to the ground, and keep communicating.



At January 11, 2010, Anonymous George said...

I find that one of the biggest challenges is maintaining the email list. I've been trying to set things up so the individuals are responsible for updating contact information. To that end we create the newsletter using Adobe (setting it up for online viewing first, and then creating a paper copy for those who do not have email). We send it out via Yahoo Groups.

We have also added a Twitter Prayer list (UMCVPrayer). Again, people sign up for that themselves. I do keep it as a private list, so that we can keep information confidential. I'm able then to send out Sunday's prayer requests on Monday, and update from my phone as I make visits. Users can opt to have the "prayer tweets" sent to their mobile devices, or they can access the whole list from the Twitter web page.


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