Thursday, April 16, 2009


A quick post...but longer than a tweet.

Ashton Kutcher @aplusk has a challenge out to his Tweeps. "Get me over 1,000,000 followers before CNN and I will buy 10000 nets for Malaria in Africa."

someone pointed out I should do 1000 anyway.. good point if I get to 1 million b4 cnn i'll by 10000 bed nets
This is a much better proposition than his original, "get me over 1,000,000 followers and I will ding-dong ditch Ted Turner."

I am all for adding 10000 nets to Africa for Malaria relief, and it got me following Ashton. I am amused if he does Ding-dong ditch Ted Turner, but that almost got me to follow CNN.

And even then I might have done it wrong, as it is @CNNbrk, CNN breaking news Ashton has challenged.

Sign up today. Follow Ashton, let's get some more nets for Africa



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