Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Man

The past few weeks and days, I have been taking stock of myself. There have been a few good motivators in this.

First of all, I have completed my latest task, which was helping Ojai UMC define and own a Vision during this appointment year.
To be "Showing God's love to the community of the Ojai Valley by the 4 R's: Reconciliation, Renewal, Revitalization, and Restoration." (Ojai UMC 4/2/09 [Ad Board 4/8/09])
Second, I have lost a lot of weight recently, and am now having to redefine my wardrobe. You see, I apparently never learned the rules of weight gain. I threw out all of the old clothes I had that didn't fit anymore. I kept what still fit, and kept right on going with my life. I need new clothes before these all fall off me at a very inopportune time.

Third, I am coming up on some significant milestones. I am turning 35, and will no longer be considered a young adult in the UMC. I am going to celebrate 10 years of appointment this July. I will celebrate 5 years of marriage to an awesome woman this May. And later in July my baby girl will celebrate her 1st birthday.

So it was with interest that I saw these articles come across my reading platforms on the web. To all the men out there reading this. I suggest you take a look and take stock for yourself. You may find you need some work, or are farther along than you thought.

31 Things Every Man Should Own [I own 23 of 31]

Dating Question: What Is a Man? [Since I figured I better brush up before celebrating my 5th Anniversary]




At April 19, 2009, Anonymous David Youngdale said...

Well I'll be dogged, I reckon I own some o' them things but not all 31 of 'em. Shucks if I didn't spend so much time playin' golf I reckon I'd find some other thing to do and put some o' them 31 items to good use. I do got me some good WD40 on hand though it seems there's no gettin' round havin' ta use that stuff the way things tend to rust up on ya.


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