Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meeting Needs/People Where They Are

I saw this one just the other day, and it got me thinking about how I want to be sure that we are reaching the people of the Ojai Valley where they are, and helping them with their needs.

This was particularly striking, as I think about chasing after some things, but not others when dealing with what ministries we want to support, and which we really just disagree with. 

Following my post the other day about being open to hearing what God may want, even if it isn't within my frame of "normalcy" for how I understand God, I had to stand back and consider what might happen if the church were to embrace this kind of ministry to the hurting people of the world. Is it offering hope, or furthering despair?

The story is about a woman who organized a "Divorce Fair" to help folks gather resources for their pending divorce, or current divorce, similar to a "Wedding Expo". Check out what she did, how she framed the problem, and consider what your church might have done in response.



At March 31, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the story: For those looking for a more spiritual end to their marriage, outside on Brighton beach three ministers of the Rhythm of Life non-denominational church enacted a “ceremony of separation”. The ministers frequently preside over weddings and funerals but they claim there is now a demand among separating couples for a similar ritual to inaugurate their divorce.

Wow. I have a strong negative reaction to this idea, although I cannot articulate why. It seems very different to me to help someone mourn a failed or broken marriage than it is to solemnize the separation with a ritual that lends it some sense of sacredness.

In marriages that end under terms that people would come together and do this seem like exactly the situations that you don't want to help the marriage end.

Couple who have so much anger and hurt that they can't speak to each other are not going to participate in this.


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