Monday, March 30, 2009

Position Papers

Dr. Riley Case is a very helpful and insightful leader in the church.

He and I often are at crossroads in our thoughts, and derive different positions based on the conculsions others have drawn.

I found this piece, via Brett Royal, to be of interest.

It says that churches without strong purpose and vision tend to decline rapidly. Dr. Case argues that it is due to loose moral obligation and sub-standard "inclusiveness".

I want to posit that taking a stand in the face of overwhelming opposition, and standing for something "right" is really at the core. It is when churches tend to stay out of it, bicker and fight, and choose not to take a stand for fear of offending that it begins to weaken and fail.

So, I wonder what would happen if there were churches that took a stand for what was "wrong" in American society, but that showed open and clear "love of neighbor", even, and especially, when that neighbor is Homosexual, Homeless, High on Drugs, Hated, Abusive, or otherwise difficult for us to wrap our head around the "right" that God sees in them without imposing our overwhelming sense of "right" upon them.

I apologize for not being as eloquent in presenting my arguments as Dr. Case, but I see a different view, and hope I challenge you to think about standing up for a cause that doesn't necessarily fit with your worldview, but might in God's.


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