Thursday, March 12, 2009

Churchianity "Why?" Part II

If the choir robes question was not enough on robes, here is one for the pastors:

Why do pastors wear robes? (and what are all the things they wear)

-As a sign of Office. This is a holdover from the days when the Levites got dressed up all nice a pretty-like to preside over the Temple sacrifices.

-This has persisted as it was a sign of education as well, since the clergy were often the most educated folks in the crowd, and they needed to display that.

-Simply a version of pomp and circumstance. People loved the idea of the clergy being dressed up for services.

These days the debate rages on about whether the Robe is Good or Bad. I suppose the same arguments could be made for Good or Bad regarding the use of clergy collars too.



At March 12, 2009, Blogger Eric Helms said...

I wear a robe in part as a reminder to myself that I am about to lead a congregation in a truly holy act. While I know that we worship with all of our lives, I think we agree something special is happening in worship services. In that sense, it is for me, kind of like getting dressed for the occassion. I have also and still do lead services without a robe, and I am comfortable either way, but I do think there is something to realizing that what the pastor is doing on Sunday morning is a peculiar thing--leading the congregation in an encounter with God.

Finally, wearing a robe every week keeps anyone from being distracted by what I am wearing--did he wear that suit last week? How many suits does he own any way--I can't believe he thinks that tie goes with that shirt! I did serve as an associate somewhere and before I left that church, the senior pastor's wife noted that I had only two suits that I rotated to keep from wearing the same suit two weeks in a row.

At March 13, 2009, Anonymous David Youngdale said...

Good comments from all; clothing in general is a type of blood covering of the Lord Jesus Christ; this began in the Garden of Eden- please note Genesis 3:21.


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