Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Trick or Treat

It seems late for a Halloween post, but eating the plethora of candy pawned off on the pastor following the Trunk or Treat, plus our own reserves at the house just keeps this event before me.

However, lest it just make me fat, I am honing my thought processes thanks to the "brain food" present here at my desk, at the house and otherwise.

I am working through the Lectionary for the coming year, with snippets from Years B and C as I go through the calendar year. I am trying to put my notes together for the lectionary study group I work with each year in preparing and planning worship and preaching. I am mindful that the dates from one cycle to the next don't always line up and it makes it a little more difficult to cut and paste one item to the next as I flip between cycles. This is a trick, and the treat will be getting it all done.

I am also in the midst of trying to collate and summarize the evaluations we have from the CEF 2008 workshops. There are about 115 workshops, and 95 presenters, which makes me all the more grateful for my helper Tim G. This is a blessing to have this much help. We are also going to be trying to get thank you notes out to all the workshop leaders. The trick is maintaining sanitywhile providing a treat to the next team with the workload established, and treats for the leaders for their fine work.

Throw in the elections today and it seems that the trick is to "get it right" - whatever the topic. No candidate is ever going to be solidly voting and influencing people "my way" and I have to get past that, and try to find someone who has the personal integrity to live the way that they vote and influence. I want that, even if it means I have to surrender other elements of my belief. This is the treat, we allow a process for voting, and I intend to take part.



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