Thursday, September 04, 2008


I never realized just how attached I am to a computer for doing my work and my job, even as a pastor. I stay in touch locally with brief emails, chat and notetaking. I stay connected to national interests, as well as conference business. I do my writing primarily on the computer. That started when I realized I could type faster than I could print, and could read it when I finished. Plus, the time to cut and paste and locate the appropriate research materials is so much easier online.

So, when I arrived at Ojai UMC I was told that we had dial-up internet, on a computer purchased in 2001, running windows 98, and office 2003.  I found that it could not run a flash drive, even with an USB port. Simply trying to find the drivers was too much, and since the internet connection was dial-up it could not download the drivers. We lost several documents to crashes during my first month on the job, and could not load others that were vital (like the labels for the church newsletter). What's more, is that the pastor was not afforded even this computer...this belonged to the secretary, and the pastor had none.

Immediately I was on alert and pushing for a computer and internet. Mind you, I got a little derailed by the termite incident. Once the house was back to working order, I had gotten a little sleep, and started the road to visitation with the church folks, I got back into the push for new computers.

We have already committed to DSL service, and have a networking solution established, though it needs to be installed. We have a new copier on its way, to help alleviate the clutter of printer, copier, scanner, fax, and separate items for the other computer we are getting for the pastor. We have gotten rid of extra papers, files and sorted even more trash out of the office, just to help make our workspace more comfortable and encouraging for doing the job in the office.

Now, I find out that the decision I have made for new computers is going to lead to one more waiting period - to ensure the best choice possible. It seems that we are right on the verge...

We selected Mac solutions for our new office computers, for the definite plusses of increased speed of running programs, more intuitive user interface, decreased network vulnerability, decreased risk of crashes, better longevity, and the ease of converting Windows-based programs into use on the Mac.

But, the catch to all this is that Apple is making its latest announcement on Tuesday...leading to the rumor mill that maybe the MacBook may be facing a major upgrade, and worth waiting to see what emerges from the Apple minds in this release. This may amount to nothing more than rumor this time out, but if it is true then, maybe, just maybe, we will be right on the curve. 

How exciting!!


At September 08, 2008, Blogger The Thief said...

I can relate to the computer thing. At my last church, the secretary had a computer that I "could" use if I wanted to, because she was only in once a week. They had no internet connection, but after three years they finally got an internet connection...

When I moved to my current church, the computer had mostly been used as a typewriter, but there are plans afoot to upgrade all the computers...

At September 08, 2008, Blogger David said...

so sorry for your loss!

At September 09, 2008, Blogger Questing Parson said...

I told my congregation about your post. They have one question: What's DSL?


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