Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lazy ways of Loving Neighbor as Self

Dear Del Rosa Family,

We are constantly trying to better our depth of faith through our experiences in the Christian faith. We look to do this by striving to be the best disciples we can of Jesus Christ. We do this through works of piety and works of mercy.
Works of Piety Works of Mercy

• Prayer (private & family) • Feeding the hungry

• Public worship • Clothing the naked

• The Lord’s Supper • Caring for the sick

Reading & studying Scripture • Visiting the jails and prisons

• Christian conference • Sheltering the homeless

• Fasting or abstinence • Welcoming the stranger

• Peacemaking

• Acting for the common good

The practice of these works of mercy and works of piety help to hone our ability to follow the Great Commandment: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind; and Love your neighbor as yourself”.

Below are some of the websites I have come across in my time in ministry, and some of the agencies we have worked with at Del Rosa UMC to help “Love our neighbor as ourselves”. Listed with each site are a contact person at the church to let you know a little more, the website address, a brief description of the services offered, and the hope that you will find a way to be more involved intentionally “loving your neighbor as yourself”.

This is an extensive list and so I will be spreading the various websites and agencies over the DRUMBEAT Cadence articles of the next few months. This month I will be looking at some easy ways to: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, strength and mind; and Love your neighbor as yourself”

Keep on Loving,

Pastor David

Cool People Care

Cool People Care is a website by Sam Davidson of Nashville, TN, devoted to providing a “little” thing you can do each day to help improve our world. It is updated M-F with a new action item.

From the site: “If people are told how they can make a difference in less than 5 minutes a day, they just might do it. And, just like tiny water droplets make a tidal wave, if you get enough people to care for 5 minutes a day, you’ll change the world.”

The Breast Cancer Site/ The Literacy Site/ The Hunger Site/

The Animal Rescue Site/ The Rainforest Site/ The Child Health Site

The Breast Cancer Site is a simple way, simply by clicking on the tab (one click per day is registered from each domain) that you can help fund mammograms for underprivileged women. Also a part of the site are several other sites that allow you to help fund books, food, animal, rainforest and child health…all without you having to pay a cent, just click the button.

From the site: “ is an independent charitable organization devoted to addressing the health and well-being of people (particularly women and children), animals, and the planet. distributes funds generated through the GreaterGood Network of websites to the many charitable organizations responsible for implementing programs named on these sites. 100% of the funds generated through the GreaterGood Network pass through to our partner charities.”

10 tips for the lazy environmentalist to save the earth,,2049870,00.html

You can change the world with your next light bulb change among other easy ways to conserve energy and resources.

From the article: “Being greener really all comes down to just one thing - using less energy. And it could even save you money, too. Here are 10 simple things we can all do - without even leaving the house...”

Save your old glasses

Those old glasses that no longer fit, don’t work at your current prescription, or after your recent cataract surgery or lasiks procedure can be shared with someone who needs them now.

The Lions Clubs have provided a service that recycles these glasses and others. Check out their website for the where, how and why of the project. If you need to get rid of them more urgently, bring them by the church office and we will get them to a collection center.

Save your pop top tabs

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House is still working to provide families care and comfort as children undergo extensive and expensive medical treatments. Save your pop tabs and let’s add to their ability to care for those families Ronald McDonald House looks after.

From the site: “The idea behind the Ronald McDonald House program is simple: Provide a "home away from home" for families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals.”

Save Your Toilet Paper Rolls

Santa Claus, Inc. (San Bernardino Area, check for similar agencies in your area)

There are many ways to help the poor and needy children in our community and around the world. Saving your toilet paper rolls, and giving them to Deb McKenzie for use as wrapping materials for Christmas presents is a cheap and easy way to add your help to the cause.

From the site: “Santa Claus Incorporated, an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff or administrators, provides new toys, new clothing, and new books to local under-served children.”

Save your Campbell’s Soup Labels

Once you are done eating the can of soup, or preparing your favorite meal from one of the many Campbell’s product, please save the USP label and bring it in to the UMW or the church office.

From the site: “This tool was created to help schools invite local community members, like you, to support their Labels for Education program collection efforts. Friends, family and community members can pledge their support and communicate their collection intentions by making a Community Pledge. There is no obligation. Your local school will appreciate any help you can give them through your collection efforts to help them get free educational supplies and equipment.”



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