Thursday, April 26, 2007

The People Formerly Known as.. (recap)

I have been following this great conversation (The People Formerly Known As...) with some keen interest, and was astounded by the latest offering.

What I am most struck by is the fact that it is the most simple of Gospel communication techniques...that of testimony. It is about how I have been changed by the power of God's love presented to the World in Jesus Christ. The stories are about how we have been hurt and wounded by each other, and the real need for a saviour that pervades our very existence.

If you are so inclined to go back and read through the stories I suggest you check out the following search, or you can find your way through the stories as told by Brother Maynard, and check out the links as you go.

God changes everything!! Thank you for sharing of the Risen Christ, Jesus our Lord.



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