Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Vacation, O vacation wherefore art thou O Vacation.

I am coming up on one year without vacation. I know this is bad news and I need to get away.

I hold this in tension with comments that I was "away" for almost 60 days last year. I was gone for one week of vacation in 2006 (back in May). The other times were for Conference Committees, Training events, Lectionary Study Group, and CEF Design Team. Now some of those 60 days were what I would consider my day off (during times I was at conference and events). I was also out of the pulpit for 6 Sundays of my own volition (4 in August for Testimonies from the Congregation, once for UMW Sunday and once for Laity Sunday).

Folks felt my absence. I do not think this is bad, in fact I think they need to have the pastor gone from time to time to realize they have responsibility for worship and ministry.

Now to figure out how to take the necessary vacation. I have put in some requests with the SPRC for their meeting this week, but pray for me as I try to find that balance and vigor for ministry once again.



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