Monday, April 02, 2007

A simple cornerstone

While building a tower of coffee cans, placed 2, 3, 2, 1 high, and then picked up and set upon a planter pot share the following lesson.

God uses in Jesus Christ the stone that the builders rejected to become the chief cornerstone.

Jesus might be looked at like the pots present here. People like the flowers, like we have on the altar, and the outside casing that costs us $.15 per cover. But what we have here for our building is the stone that builders rejected, because it wasn’t pretty enough or costly enough.

It is a simple thing we use to build our tower.

It was a series of simple things that were used to celebrate the coming of the King into Jerusalem.

Some of the simple things that celebrate the king:

-A donkey and a colt


-A saddle of clothes

-Palm branches

-children, women, the outcasts of society, and the fieldworker (not the “elite”)

-A human come to save the world from itself

Some of the simple things we are going use to build Del Rosa UMC:

-Jesus Christ

Acts of Piety


-Study of Scripture

-Public Worship

-Lord’s Supper

Acts of Mercy

-Feed the Hungry

-Heal the Sick

-Clothe the naked

-Visit those in prison

-Shelter those in need

Our Gifts

-Spiritual Gifts

-Our Facilities

-Our $$$


We make disciples by doing ALL of these acts from all of our Gifts, by the power of Jesus Christ, who comes to use in the simple things, reminding us to look to the reject for finding our future and the strengths to build all else around.


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