Saturday, January 13, 2007


Bro Greg has been hosting the Bloggys for 2006.

I do hope you'll go check them out and enter your own votes.

But, for your amusement and reading here is my own set of choices.

1) Best blog site of 2006
Gavin @
Packed with juicy nuggets, developed sense of humor, great videos, intentional study, and creative interest

2) Most scholarly blog site:
Tyler Williams @
I know I can't understand half of what comes out on his blog, that makes it pretty scholarly in my book

3) Most controversial blog site:
Wesleyblog, any of its incarnations, with Shane writing, with the commando take-over and the revised edition since Shane is no longer using it to write...that's pretty controversial to me.

4) Most spiritual blogger
He always seems to find something that hits with where my spiritual journey is taking me, and posts about spirituality in the larger context of life, not just the inward turn we so often associate with "spiritual life"

5) Most amusing blogger:
Jonathan Norman @

6) Most consistant blogger:
John @ Locusts & Honey

7) Nicest dressed blogger:
I can go with Rev. Mommy on this one. She made a good argument for such, and I see nothing but finery on her site.

8) Blogger most likely to succeed:
Natalie @ Beth hit the nail on the head with this one, and watching Natalie from afar has been nothing but awe inspiring.

9) Blogger who has made the most impact on your life personally, spiritually or theologically
Hey, I gotta go with Erika @
on this one, namely because of the ongoing young clergy conversations she has undertaken in the California-Pacific Conference, and the means by which she has roped me into this transforming event.

10) Blogger most likely to vanish and be found years later presiding as tribal queen on a small island in the Pacific
Molly @
after all she does work in the California-Pacific Annual Conference, and we do have two island nations as part of our appointment system, plus she's married to a military man, therefore likely to arrive in such remote places.


At January 13, 2007, Blogger gavin richardson said...

thanks for the vote david.. humbled i am

At January 20, 2007, Blogger RevErikaG said...

I too, am humbled. thanks David!


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