Thursday, January 11, 2007


A special hat tip to Andy Stoddard for his posting on Christian Quotation of the Day.

Last night we talked during Church Conference about evangelism, about how little in our budget is directly dedicated to evangelism, about how the youth have been growing their group through evangelism, and ultimately it is not the job of a committee or the pastor alone to do evangelism.

Evangelism is, as St. Francis so keenly put it, to "Preach the word daily, using words if necessary". We tell the story of God's love in our lives, the change we understand because of Jesus Christ and that it might have something to offer someone else, and this is evangelism.

Our need as Christians is to hear the cries of the hurting world, and to want to add comfort to that need with the insertion of Jesus Christ, in our bodies, our hearts, our monies and our compassion.



At January 12, 2007, Blogger Diane said...

Have you checked out ? It has rocked my world. Now I go to WalMart to witness and while I'm there I pick up some groceries for my family.


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