Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Occasionally I post, and even then I rarely get comments (no this is not an appeal for comments for my otherwise flagging self-esteem)

But, I often struggle with what I should do with comments from "Anonymous". I am grateful for the few folks who, though posting as Anonymous by default, add their name at the end of the comment they make. I tend toward throwing out the Anonymous comments, as I do with such comments in the local church (anonymous letters, notes, comments, etc). However, I have found that I do need to read them (well, except for the SPAM), and discern whether the comments are adding to the conversation, either in how they challenge my thinking or in contributing some piece of neglected wisdom, or clarification.

How do you handle your "Anonymous" Comments?



At January 05, 2011, Blogger The Thief/Rev. Run said...

I decided to not allow anonymous comments, as the only ones who won't include some sort of identification have been extremely nasty (personal attacks).


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