Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bucket List

35 is gone, and the start of a new decade seems well underway with a year under the belt. I guess before my life slips away some long-term goals ought to be laid out. Some have been around for a long time, and others, well they just are getting life in my brain now

Some things I want to do:
- Finish all 50 states visits (45 so far: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alaska, South Dakota and Michigan are left) [bonus: territories - Like the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam]
- 7 Continents (I haven't left North America, except to hit Hawaii)
- Israel, Egypt, and Europe are particular travel sites I hope to visit
- Skydiving or bungee jumping or both (perhaps when the Bug hits the age where it matters to her, I'll go with her)
- Mt. Whitney (I'd like to hit the summit this time, even if it takes a couple of days)
- An archaeological dig (i'd probably be bored out of my mind in a day, but I want to say I've done it)
- Get rid of half my stuff, before I have to (with retirement, or a "home").
- Follow my call and run a camp (as manager or program director, possibly own it too) [Sidenote: I have run camps as a Dean, and this coming year as the District Coordinator]
- Be a life-long learner
- Take sabbatical
- Do something that as of right now has not been invented yet
- Grow a church
- Survive a church closure
- Nurture a new person into Ordained Ministry
- Teach some old dogs new tricks (could actually be a dog, but I was thinking of teaching a "tired" church some "new-to-them" activity and discipleship), every year of my life

Now, I admit this is not Jon Acuff's 40 by 40 list, but it is a start...and maybe it is 40 if each of the states and continents and places of notice are taken individually.


At January 02, 2011, Blogger Daniel Wilcox said...

Hi David,

Yes, Mt. Whitney is a wonder. I almost didn't go to the top because of all night rainstorm, wet sleeping bag, no sleep, being dizzy and crawling for a ways with my pack:-), but am so glad I did once. It was snowing on the top in August!!
And by the way,
try out some Grand Canyon (to the bottom) trails too.

from the old hiker writer,

Daniel Wilcox


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