Monday, November 01, 2010

More from Mikey

I don't drink the stuff, but in case you do...Mikey


~ Starbucks is accepting bids for a franchise located in your house.

~ The National Bank of Columbia has offered you a Platinum Visa card with zero percent interest.

~ Folgers has offered you a "distributors" franchise for your block.

~ Your co-workers are getting rich buying stock in companies that manufacture foam coffee cups.

~ You just went to the store and bought ten cases of non-diary creamer "to get you through the week."

~ Those strange footprints in the ceiling of your office.

~ You haven't slept in a week and no one notices, not even you.

~ You find yourself sneezing Folger's Crystals.

~ Juan Valdez starts sending you hand-written Thank You notes.

~ You eat garlic to overcome coffee breath.

~ Your dentist upgrades to a belt sander.

~ Alvin & the Chipmunks start to sound like Barry White.

~ Auctioneers begin to make sense.

And the number 1 Sign You've Had Too Much Coffee...

~ YYoouu ssttaarrtt ttyyppiinng lliikkee tthhiiss..



At November 09, 2010, Anonymous David Youngdale said...

Coffee has an interesting history in the earlier days of our nation and westward expansion, before it found it's way into the one pound can. It could be hard to get a good cup at times, so it was much more appreciated when it came.
David I counted two Starbuck's in Bishop, one in Vons the other on Main St. near downtown. I still prefer Schatt's coffee however.

At November 09, 2010, Blogger David said...

Sorry to hear about Starbucks. I tend to prefer the Looney Bean when in town. Good cup of coffee, and local folks. Of course, I have to admit that more often than not, it is coffee from my folks coffee maker, or from Jack's, as that is the preferred breakfast spot for me, when I want to get away


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