Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book Signing 1 week later

Book signing redux
Thanks to all of our authors who showed up for the local author book signing November 18th, in our fellowship hall.
-Whitney Hankinson
-Katie Cushman
-Daniel Wilcox
-Evelyn and David Dabritz
-BJ Scott
-Jennifer Best
-Rudy Federman
-John McReynolds
These authors were greeted by some nice finger foods, and wonderful people to listen to their brief personal story and introduction of their book(s). All of the authors were willing to sign their books, and tell a little more in one-on-one conversations at the author tables.
We have interest in doing another one, and are in conversations with some big name authors to help headline our next event.
We have copies of the books from the authors who were present in our church library, and contact information if you would like a copy for yourself.
Thanks for supporting your local authors and the joy of reading.

Letter to the authors who attended, listed above.

Dear _______,

Thank you for celebrating the written works of several of our local authors in the Santa Maria Valley and surrounding areas. St. Andrew United Methodist Church was pleased to have gathered such a wonderful array of authors, and story materials.

In the days that followed, I heard from many who attended who wondered how we could manage to do this again, and be sure to get more people involved. As you heard I hope that we can do this again, and I had a few ideas about how to get more folks to come out and hear from our authors in the area.

I hope that you will be able to join us at that time. I was excited to see that several of the authors with us had new works coming out within the next few months, and I hope we can profile some of the new works on hand, as well as some more authors.

In order to help us grow this event, I hope you will share with your friends, the next time we gather. Additionally, in an effort to attract more authors, I would welcome any new names of people in the area. I have heard of two authors from as far away as Santa Barbara, including Thom Steinbeck, and Sue Grafton.

May you enjoy your writing, and thank you so much for coming to share with all of us. I had a great time, and I know those who attended did as well.

David Camphouse

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